Physician Assisted Weight Loss

Have you tried everything possible to lose weight and you’re still struggling with the extra pounds? At Infinity Medical Clinic we believe you need to be healthy to lose weight before you can lose weight healthily.

Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss in a medical setting is a physician-directed, science-based program designed to target the underlying causes of weight gain and obesity to allow patients to reach and sustain long-term weight loss. The tools you’ll find at Infinity Medical Clinic are completely different from those that you typically see with commercial weight loss plans. Infinity Medical Clinic offers prescription medications that treat overweight and obesity in numerous ways. Dr. Stemmerman can provide treatment and medication to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain them for life.

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Physician-Assisted Weight Loss

We proudly offer physician-assisted weight loss to help those suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) reach their weight loss goals. Under a medically-supervised weight loss program, Dr. Stemmerman will use your metabolism and body composition to measure your weight loss, rather than just look at the pounds you’ve lost according to a scale. Receive the guidance you need through your PCOS weight loss journey. We provide healthy diet and exercise plans, and in some cases, supplements and medications. Our goal is to safely speed up your weight loss so that you can meet your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • More Likely to Keep the Weight Off Long-Term: At Infinity Medical Clinic, you are medically monitored, coached, and taught what your specific body needs to lose weight.
  • Customized For Your Needs: We understand that everyone’s body is different and that women lose weight differently than men. Our medical staff has the experience and expertise to help those attempting to lose weight by creating a realistic plan that meets your unique circumstances.
  • Provide Encouragement to Stay On Track: Starting and sticking to a healthy weight loss plan can seem impossible without motivation. We believe the individualized attention of an experienced physician provides an outstanding benefit that other weight loss programs cannot match. Having personalized support is unmatched in helping achieve a healthy weight.
  • Form Healthy Habits: The initial changes to your diet and activity level when starting a weight loss program can feel overwhelming. At Infinity Medical Clinic, we work with you to develop and maintain good lifestyle habits. As your accountability partner, Dr. Stemmerman is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, keeping the weight off, and making your new habits permanent.

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