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Our new office is located at 1260 35th St., Suite 2, Marion, IA 52302. We will begin seeing patients at our new location on April 22nd, 2024. Please contact us with any questions.


Convenient, Remote Healthcare

Infinity Medical Clinic now offers telemedicine. As a result, televisits can be done from anywhere at any time. So, these virtual visits are a great option for patients who do not live close to our office. Or, a patient that can’t leave work for an office visit.

Dr. Stemmerman uses the Healow app platform to do her televisits. Firstly, this app allows patients and providers to stay engaged. Secondly, helps patients take charge of their health. Most importantly, Healow offers televisits, as well as, patient engagement tools and trackers.

What is a TeleVisit?

At Infinity Medical Clinic we know you can’t always make it into the office to see your physician. During your televisit, Dr. Stemmerman and her care team will talk with you about your symptoms or results. Most importantly advise the best treatment options including prescribing medication, if needed.


Nutritional Counseling
Pink Eye
Runny Nose
Skin Conditions
Upper Respiratory Infection
Weight Management


Medication Management Prescription Refill
Routine Lab Results
Hormone Management
Review Diagnostic Imaging Results


Ease of Use
Use from Home
See the doctor from Work
Quick Visit
Time Saver
Save Gas
Cost of the Appointment

How To Begin Your Televisit

Step 1:

  • Call 319-826-6374

Step 2:

  • Firstly, make sure you have an active Patient Portal account, with a username and password.
  • Secondly, set aside a secure, private location with a good internet connection.
  • Thirdly, use Google Chrome browser to access your Patient Portal from a laptop with a camera or webcam or iPad or smartphone
  • In addition, if you are using your iPad or smartphone, you will need to download the Healow application.

Step 3:

Before beginning your televisit, make sure that you:

  • “Arrive early” by logging in to your Patient Portal. If you can’t access the portal, you can also begin your appointment through the reminder link sent to your email.
  • “Join Televist” in your patient dashboard (or email reminder).
  • Fill out any requested information.
  • “Proceed” to check your computer’s speed and ability to support a televisit. If your computer does not have a webcam, you will need to attach one.
  • “Start Televisit” to enter the virtual waiting room.
  • Your provider will begin the face-to-face televisit and disconnect when the visit ends.

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