OMT for Migraine and Headache Relief

November 15, 2022 by metro_admin

Migraines are a widespread problem, affecting millions of people. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) offers a natural, non-invasive treatment for migraines and tension headaches. OMT helps manage migraines, reducing headache frequency, intensity, and duration. Dr. Stemmerman has practiced OMT for more than 25 years, helping patients find relief from migraines, cluster headaches, and other pain.

About Migraines

Marked by intense, debilitating pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light, migraines can last for hours or days. Migraines and tension headaches cost an estimated $14 billion per year in lost work time and treatment. They can be resistant to treatment using traditional medicine approaches. In addition, many migraine medications cause short- and long-term side effects that reduce quality of life in other ways. The goal of OMT is to release tension in the neck and cranium—both believed to contribute to headaches. OMT naturally reduces how often migraines occur and how severe they become.

omt migraine headache relief

OMT for Migraines

You’re probably wondering, how does OMT work? What does the treatment entail? OMT for migraines or headaches includes a full examination by Dr. Stemmerman to assess symptoms, medications, and your lifestyle, stress level, and other health concerns. As an osteopath, her concern is your overall health and wellbeing. Knowing all your health details will enable her to customize your treatment based on the causes and triggers for your migraines.

Tight muscles in the neck, head, and shoulders often contribute to tension headaches and migraines. Following your initial assessment, she will have you lie down on a table so she can perform muscular, spinal and lymphatic manipulation. The OMT migraine treatment will be tailored to you with the goals of relaxing muscles and activating blood and lymphatic flow to the scalp, face, and neck. Gentle neck and head massage and movement should feel good and reduce the neck tension and sensitivity of nerves that are associated with migraines.

Personalized Headache Treatment

If you struggle with headaches or migraines, Dr. Stemmerman wants you to realize that effective treatments are available. You can improve your quality of life by reducing the pain and suffering you experience. As an independent physician and DO, she will take the time to listen to your story and work with you to set goals for your health. Get one-on-one treatment for your migraines. Contact us today for your appointment.

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